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Fresh Onions For A Healthy You

Posted by Admin on October, 25, 2019

There are many vegetables in your kitchen which possess a high rate of nutrition value, and yet most of them are unknown to you. This is a common problem that happens in almost every household. Majority of the fruits and vegetables that are present in your house as of now contain a high amount of ingredients which can prevent various kinds of disease. One such vegetable that you regularly use without knowing the amazing health benefits it provides is onion. Onion falls in the category of vegetables and contains a good amount of vitamin C which helps in improving your immunity, production of collagen, iron absorption and tissue repair. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that your body requires for protecting your cells against any damage.

These have a strong and sulfur-like aroma which differentiates thenm from other vegetables. Here are a few health benefits of fresh onions –

• Heart Health
The heart is one of the most critical organs in the body, which requires special attention and care. Consumption of yellow onion will surely do wonders to your heart. Onions contain sulfur, which prevent severe heart diseases in the body.

This ingredient strives to stop severe cardiovascular diseases that can make the hearts condition worse. It also contains thio sulfinates, which ends the probable chances of major problems like a heart attack or stroke. Together with consuming yellow onion will be a good thing for your heart.

• Blood Sugar Level
As per the fresh onion exporters in Maharashtra, the patients suffering from high blood sugar can get quick and easy relief if we consume fresh onions. One of the varieties of the sulfur compound in onions strive together to lower the blood sugar level in the blood, thereby, decreasing the chances of diabetes.

• Digestion
It is believed that almost any food that contains fibre can be a great source for digestion in the body. According to the renowned organic onion suppliers in Mumbai, the amount of fibre present in onion is enough to accelerate good and proper digestion in the body. This vegetable also contains some healthy bacteria that also take care of the entire digestive system of your body.

• Inflammation
Fresh onions contain an ingredient called quercetin, which helps to reduce inflammation of the skin and causes your skin to glow. Yellow onions also help to stop various allergies in the body. Quercetin also helps to prevent the severe pain of sinus and relief you from such pain.

• Immunity
Onions contain an ingredient called selenium which stimulates better and effective immune function. The minerals present in yellow onion also stop excessive immune response. Deficiency of immune cells creates reproductive inefficiency which can be prevented by onions. Such cells also have difficulty in producing essential proteins and transporting calcium.

The most commonly found vegetable in your household surprisingly holds so many amazing benefits that almost anyone from any age can yield its benefit and get treated.

Therefore, the consumption of fresh onions will always be beneficial to your health and therefore should never be stopped. To go ahead and consume as much as these onions as you feel like as they do not have any side effects.

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