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The Immense Nutritional Benefits Of Nashik Onion!

Posted by Admin on May, 26, 2020

With a wide variety of onions available – Be it red onion, spring onion or white onion, out of all these Nashik onions is tremendously gaining popularity. These onions are not so different from the common onion, but, owing to the distinctive color red, it is constituted with specific nutrients and is blended with several health benefits.

This type of onion is known to have a natural pigment called cyanidin. Thus, the pigment is a type of anthocyanidin, which is also commonly found in black raspberries, red cabbage and hence, possess a high amount of anticancer as well as antioxidant properties. It plays a major role in suppressing several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases as well as obesity. Owing to the presence of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative properties, it has the tendency to impart several health benefits.

Uses of Nashik Onion

• Fresh Nashik onion can either be eaten raw in the form of salads or can also be added in multiple types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in order to augment the taste as well as the flavor of the dishes.

• As it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals as well as antioxidants, hence, can easily maintain the overall health.

• As per the Nashik onion exporters in Maharashtra, it is well known to lower down the bad cholesterol, thereby maintaining the overall good health condition.

• Owing to the rich source of vitamin C and phytochemicals, it is perfect enough to increase immunity and at the same time can fight against free radicals in the body.

• Being packed with rich nutritional values, it is the best source for proper body functioning.

• The presence of a good quantity of the folate in onions can prevent anxiety and depression and can boost sleep as well as appetite.

Features of Nashik Onions
• Loaded with a good amount of antioxidants for a better health condition
• Can be easily consumed by people irrespective of any age groups
• Can be easily harvested in any favorable conditions
• Has the tendency to impart most pleasing as well as distinctive taste and flavor to any dishes.

How do they taste like?
The taste of these onions is much more like an ordinary one, but, is bit pungent and slight sweet in nature.

Nutritional Content
100 gm of onions is known to have 40 Kcal of vitamin C, B9, B6, a small amount of potassium, magnesium, manganese and phosphorous.

Nashik is considered to be the major exporter of best quality onion. However, in order to cater to the rising need of the customers in the best possible ways, the Nashik onion exporters in Maharashtra are continuously involved in offering high-quality onions. Moreover, the Nashik onion suppliers in Mumbai ensure that the customers can easily avail these onions at a pocket-friendly rate.

Thus, to conclude, this simple vegetable is not as simple as it looks. Packed with several essential nutrients, its consumption can directly or indirectly impart several nutrients to the body. However, it is suggested to introduce an onion in every diet.

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